The market for gyms has grown exponentially in recent years. Peoples’ spending on physical well-being and keeping in shape is more than what it used to be. Due to the convenience and affordability of the 24 hour gym chains, anyone at any time can follow an appropriate programme of workout with a trained coach. There are several factors which has affected the frequenting of wellness centers.

Awareness of health-related issues

Rising awareness on matters such as obesity and overweight is a factor for more and more people to reach out to a gym. It has been calculated that more than 60% of the population suffer from either of the two. Therefore on the advice of a medical expert, or by deciding by oneself, people tend to join a gym or follow an exercise programme. For those who are still reluctant to do so, there is a rewards program, where the more you work out, more rewards you will receive in the form of gift vouchers from your favourite stores.

Media reaping the benefits

It works out both ways for the media; they use the hype on wellness programmes to produce new shows on TV, and in turn, people who watch them get interested in following the same. TV programmes similar to “The Biggest Loser” helps promote the rewards and usefulness of activity, through signifying the accomplishment of weight loss objectives.

Availability of resources

It has become a trend to have gyms which operate without any staff; the costs of wages are trickled down to formulate inexpensive joining fees. Most gyms have an online rewards program where you can claim coupons upon completion of a certain level of activity. Even if you decide not to spend money on joining a gym, there are other options available such as jogging, cycling or even self-practiced yoga. Most cities have locations where these types of activities can be practiced. You can view more information about this here

Disposable income and time

As per research disposable income spent on fitness is increasing. It has been on the rise for several years. With that more and more folks are able to buy smartwatches, get up-do-date on new found knowledge on health, try gourmet food and much more. Same goes for time; it has been found out that people have more time to spend on outdoor tasks in order to safeguard their healthiness.

If you are already not in, it is time for you to jump in on this wagon. It is not just the celebrity endorsements that make people join a gym or go running. As the statistics show, obesity is becoming a huge matter of concern. This can be an unwanted problem to a country. Therefore, if you take steps to defend your strength and stamina, that can actually be a service to the country.